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Palm Institute is a private non-profit liberal arts college in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Our vision is to educate and train a generation of excellent and ethical African leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to the application of knowledge for the transformation of the African society.  Our mission is to educate a new generation of African leaders with integrity for corporate, national and continental: Creativity, Excellence, Innovation, Service and Sustainability. The NAPE Foundation, based in Portland, Oregon U.S.A, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization designed to help U.S. and international donors support the Institute achieve its mandate for training a generation young ethical entrepreneurial leaders in Ghana and Africa. The Foundation played a key role in the establishment of Palm Institute and the award of scholarships to Ghanaian students whom otherwise wouldn’t have been able to pursue higher education.

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Donations to NAPE Foundation could also be done through the following mediums:
Omni Bank Account
Account Name : NAPE Foundation
Account Number : 1003230018001
Branch: East Legon


Mobile Money
MTN               0549274232
TIGO               0575444585
VODAFONE   0203841002

Slyde Pay :
Account Name: Naa Amerley Palm Education Foundation

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