15 Nov

Through the instrumentality of NAPE Foundation, 27 freshmen were admitted into Palm Institute for the 2017/2018 academic year on the 18th of September, 2017. The freshmen were oriented into the Institute from 21st September to 22nd September and lectures have commenced since, the 25th of September 2017.

Successfully enrolled students have started to pursue 2-year diploma programs in the following: Business Administration, Computerized Accounting, Procurement Management, Banking Technology and Accounting, and Agribusiness and Finance. These students are under the sponsorship of the Foundation’s One Ghana cedi project scholarship scheme. Click here to see beneficiaries.

The Ghs1 Project is an initiative aimed at awarding scholarships to brilliant but financially challenged students who enroll at Palm Institute from the parts of Ghana. The objective of the Ghs1 Project is to reach out to a million people to raise funds to support students to pursue quality higher education in Palm Institute. Read more about NAPE Foundation Ghs1 Project here: http://napefoundation.org/ghs1-for-higher-education/

Even though the Foundation has not been able to reach the set target, it has been able to raise enough funds to award scholarships up to the tune of Ghs 10,000 to 25 students to pursue 2-year diploma programs in Palm Institute.

NAPE Foundation is grateful to all donors and Philanthropists both home and abroad who have supported the One Ghana Project initiative. Through your benevolence, students, most of whom are from rural Ghana are enjoying quality education at Palm Institute and will soon be fully equipped to contribute significantly to any business environment, start their own businesses and make an impact in their communities.

We looking at awarding scholarships to many more students in the near future so we continue to count on you and the general public for your staunch support. You can partner by donating any amount on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis towards the tuition cost of a student. Your donation is not only transforming a life but all other lives connected to that life. Please follow the link for more and do recommend us to friends and family. Read more about how to get involved: www.napefoundation.org/how-to-get-involved/

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