05 Sep

As the world marks International Charity Day, we at NAPE Foundation are excited to join in the global celebration that emphasizes benevolence as recipe for a better world.

As a charity foundation that has for a long while sponsored students’ higher education and still continues to award scholarships to brilliant but needy students, NAPE Foundation is enthused about this day and exudes so much pride in our contributions to charity.

While we commemorate with the global community, we are reminded of our core mandate to help as many needy students as possible acquire higher education especially at Palm Institute.

In the build up to eradicating global poverty in all dimensions, the United Nations acknowledges   the role of the diverse private sector, ranging from micro-enterprises to cooperatives to multinationals, and that of civil society organizations and philanthropic organizations in the implementation of the new agenda. We at NAPE Foundation are glad to be a part of this new agenda and to have made some substantial gains in that respect already.

We resist the likely temptation of being draw by our achievements so far into being complacent. As we continue to make the world a better place through charity and quality education, we heed the call of the United Nations agenda which ‘calls for a spirit of strengthened global solidarity, focused in particular on the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable’. We also re-echoe the position of the United Nations on the need for all to create an enabling environment for philanthropic institutions like NAPE Foundation to contribute towards the betterment of the world.

While striving to attain higher heights in our calling to serve we owe much gratitude to all our donors, sponsors and supporters through whose contributions the dreams of many beneficiaries of NAPE Foundation have been realized. We thank you for your spirit of benevolence and unflinching support.

As we continue to take our charity projects to more and more people, we will need the support of all and sundry in diverse ways, so, we wish to use this occasion to appeal for your support. Nothing is too small to make an impact in someone’s life so do not be discouraged with what you can give. Our one Ghana cedi or One Dollar project among others have been able to make a difference in our beneficiaries’ lives so your widow’s mite definitely can change a life.

The United Nations in its wisdom has set aside the 5th day of every September as the celebration of world charity but it acknowledges that the act of charity itself is an everyday thing. It is a lifestyle and NAPE Foundation invites you to join in the celebration and of course the lifestyle.

Happy International Charity Day!

You may want to support any of the packages in our One Ghana Cedi project to help a student from rural Ghana enroll at Palm Institute under the NAPE Foundation scholarship scheme:

  1. GH₵1 or $1 Donors: our goal is to reach a million people who would donate a cedi or a dollar to higher education. Partner with us by donating ₵1 or $1 to NAPE Scholarship Fund.
  2. GH₵1 or $1 Plus: For individuals who want to partner with us by donating more than ₵1 or $1 weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Adopt a Student:  corporate bodies and individuals who want to adopt a student either partially or fully can sign on to this option.

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