22 Feb

On the 9th and 10th of February 2017, Palm Institute held its 5th orientation for all newly admitted students. Mrs. Beth Okantey welcomed the new students and provided a brief historical background of Palm Institute and NAPE Foundation and how both institutions have impacted the lives of Ghanaians over the past several years. She shared Palm Institute’s goal of equipping students with critical, analytical and practical thinking skills as well as writing and speaking skills to facilitate the individual and professional success of every student.

Students were introduced to all the opportunities, activities, and
programs available at Palm Institute. The various topics covered

  • Chaplaincy at Palm
  • Academic expectations and registration procedures at Palm
  • Community service program
  • Internship opportunities Personal security and Adult life style

A new initiative “Palm Hive” was discussed with the students led by the co-coordinator, Ms. Bernice Ananga. The program is designed to equip every student with knowledge, skills and abilities to thrive as an entrepreneur. In all,
over thirty students attended the two-day orientation program. More students are expected to join in the coming days. Lectures began on February 13th, 2017.

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