NAPE Foundation has been awarding scholarships to Ghanaian students at high school and university levels since 2009. Currently, scholarships are awarded to Palm Institute students through:

  • The Lee Nusich & Lane Powell Scholarship Fund
  •  The Matthew S. Essieh & Family Scholarship Fund
  •  The Florence M. Hutchful & Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Susan & Robert Smith Scholarship Fund
  • The Mike & Mary Delk & Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Nathan Howell Scholarship Fund

NAPE Foundation believes all Ghanaians deserve the opportunity to obtain a higher education. We believe higher education is the key to opening the door to opportunities for individuals, families and communities in Ghana and Africa, as a whole. Education assists in eliminating the multiple social and marginal dislocations such as: poverty, war, and disease; which have plagued Ghana and the continent of Africa for centuries. NAPE Foundation believes every mind has the capacity to be innovative and inventive and a lack of exposure to higher levels of learning limits the ability of the human mind to realize its fullest potential.

NAPE Foundation believes that Africa, being the second largest continent in the world, has human, natural and material resources that the world depends on. However, due to a lack of higher educational opportunities, individuals are limited in their prospects to turn these resources into secondary and tertiary assets for economic and social freedom. Furthermore, the elimination of poverty and a culture of dependence can be transformed into a society of self-reliance and independence. Currently, scholarships are awarded to only Palm Institute students. NAPE Foundation currently provides partial and full scholarships for only students who attend Palm Institute.