Beth holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a minor in Sociology from Pacific Lutheran University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Walla Walla University.  Her graduate degree focused on therapeutic interventions, child welfare and mental health. Upon completion, she was awarded the Graduate Dean’s Scholastic Achievement Award.

She has been working in the area of social work for about 18 years. She has worked with homeless adults assisting in an employment and work readiness program and with chronically mentally ill adults assisting them to live semi-independently. She spent 6.5 years working in the area of child welfare including implementing a parent mentoring program and drug court program, as well as, spending 1.5 years in London, England working as a child welfare social worker and foster parent supervisor. Beth spent the last 3 years working in public health providing counseling for low income pregnant women and helping to implement a grassroots community development project to decrease chronic disease in the Vancouver, WA area.

Her passion lies in living and working in developing countries. She enjoys learning about and immersing herself into new cultures.  This interest began when she spent time in Jamaica during her undergraduate studies and upon completion.  She studied Caribbean history, literature and sociology at a Jamaican university and volunteered at a local YCWA.  This experience led Beth to become a US Peace Corps Volunteer.  She spent 2.5 years living in a rural village in Malawi, Southern Africa.  Tulonkhondo had neither electricity nor running water.  Here, Beth provided health education that focused on disease prevention.  In addition, she began an income generating activity and health education resource room.  She fully absorbed herself into the Malawian culture and local language.  A few years later, she was given the opportunity to spend a year in Ghana, West Africa as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer helping to implement an HIV/AIDS education program in a local teacher training college.

In 2006, she assisted and supported her husband to begin a non-profit organization, (NAPE Foundation) that helps to provide higher educational opportunities to individuals in Ghana through scholarships and with the goal of beginning a four-year liberal arts university in Ghana.  She is actively involved; serving on the board, developing and editing web and fundraising material as well as planning annual fundraising events.

Beth began teaching at the college level in 2010.  She has taught sociology classes through Walla Walla University, on-line social work classes through Portland State University and on-line sociology classes through Ashford University.  She enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from students. Beth oversees the the incorporation and teaching of critical thinking at the Palm Institute. Beth is the Director of International Affairs at the Institute.

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